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Tough but Fair

  • Tried nearly 100 jury trials over his career.
  • McCulloch is an active trial attorney and tries some of the most violent and dangerous offenders.
  • Working with his highly experienced career prosecutors, McCulloch establishes all policies and procedures in the Office, all designed to enhance public safety.
  • Since 1991, McCulloch and his team of prosecutors have removed many of the most dangerous and violent criminals from our neighborhoods. Hundreds of murderers, rapists, child molesters, drug traffickers and other violent criminals have been convicted and sentenced to long, but well deserved, sentences. As a result, our streets are safer and homes more secure due to the effort of these dedicated public servants.
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  • Funding from Prop P enabled McCulloch to hire seven additional assistant prosecuting attorneys.
  • One of these new attorneys is now able to focus solely on the alternative court programs to help keep at-risk individuals out of the criminal justice system.
  • Prop P also provided funds for the first Public Information Manager in the office, ensuring transparency and allowing the office to better communicate with the public.
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  • In 1994, McCulloch was instrumental in drafting and securing passage of Missouri’s Truth-In-Sentencing law.  The law requires the most violent and dangerous criminals to serve at least 85% of any sentence imposed before being considered for parole.
accomplishments, bob mcculloch, st louis, mcculloch accomplishments

Children Issues

  • Bob helped establish the Children’s Advocacy Center, which provides trauma-focused services to children and their families. The Center provides a safe and “child-first” environment for forensic interviews and counseling.
accomplishments, bob mcculloch, st louis, mcculloch accomplishments

Diversion Programs

  • Since 2013, McCulloch has offered a diversion program to youth aged 17-25 to avoid entering the system if they have committed a non-violent crime.
  • Individuals may qualify if they have committed a non-violent minor offense.
  • The diversion program requires participants to complete community service and at least one full year of supervision and drug testing. Participants must also remain in, or return to school. When the program is completed, all charges are dropped by the prosecutor.
accomplishments, bob mcculloch, st louis, mcculloch accomplishments

Drug Court

Drug Court

  • In 2000, Bob worked with judges to establish the St. Louis County Drug Court. The Court is a collaboration between the justice system, law enforcement, and mental health/substance abuse professionals to help offender’s overcome substance abuse.
  • This program has an 81% graduation rate, 22% better than the statewide average for similar programs.
  • The success of the St. Louis County Drug Court resulted in substantially lower recidivism rate than others. St. Louis County Drug Court has a 7.3% recidivism rate over a three year period, compared to the statewide average of 17.3%.
  • Upon successful completion, all charges against the participant are dropped by the prosecutor.
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DWI Court

DWI Court

  • In 2010, as part of a state task force, McCulloch helped draft legislation creating the St. Louis County DWI Court.
  • DWI Court is an intense treatment and accountability program, similar to Drug Court, for individuals charged with a DWI who have an alcohol addiction.

Veterans Court

Veterans Court

  • In 2016, McCulloch, working with the judges, established the Veterans Court to provide veterans with an alternative to the traditional justice system process.
  • The court partners with the U.S. Department of Veterans Affairs to assist veterans with felony charges who are struggling with addiction, substance abuse, and serious mental health disorders.
  • A voluntary program, the court also assists veterans with recovery, employment and skill training, and temporary housing, if necessary.

Domestic Violence Dockett

Domestic Violence Docket

  • To enhance victim safety and protect our most vulnerable, the St. Louis County Prosecutor’s Office and the Court created the Domestic Violence Docket.
  • This court allows local domestic violence advocacy agencies the opportunity to provide resources and support to victims both at the filing of a protective order and at the time of a hearing.
  • Representatives from the Legal Advocates for Abused Women help victims with crisis support, creating a safety plan, and provide basic information on the court system.
  • The Domestic Violence Court also supports children who are victims of domestic violence. Volunteer attorneys are appointed to represent children to ensure their safety and also help to establish visitation plans that keep both the victim and children safe.
  • This Court provides counseling for both the victim and the offender in an effort to end the cycle of abuse and provide a safer environment for victims.
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Criminal Code Revision

  • In 2015, McCulloch and prosecutors from across the state, helped draft the modernization and revision of Missouri’s State Criminal Code, which increased penalties on those who commit crimes against children and drunken drivers.
  • This revision also simplified the structure of the code, making it more streamlined, and user friendly for judges, prosecutors, and those in the justice system.

Experience Matters.

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